Last Minute Gifts For the Elderly--Tech Gadgets!

Just a quick post as Christmas comes speeding towards us, to remind you last minute shoppers that buying for an elderly loved one is easy! I've already covered some great nursing home gifts, as well as gifts you should NOT take to a nursing home). I've also done a list of stocking stuffer ideas for the elderly.

Today, I am also reminding you  to not ignore the electronics section of your local store when shopping for senior citizens. Today's seniors are becoming more and more tech savvy.

If you are agonizing over whether to buy fuzzy house shoes or another heated throw, skip the "typical" elderly gifts, and consider one of these instead:

1. Kindle Reader (let your book loving senior read wherever they roam, without cluttering up a small home or room with dusty books.)

2. iPod (fill it up with your loved ones favorite tunes!)

3. Laptop or Tablet (if your loved one can't explore the world, bring the world to their fingertips!)

4. Digital Camera (perfect for the hobbyist who likes photographing their creations, proud grandparents, and nature lovers)

5. Atomic Clock--(take the confusion and guesswork out of Daylight Savings Time with a clock that never has to be set forward or back.)

6. Tile (these smart chips can be attached to anything that you commonly lose, such as phones, remote controls or keys. Needs a smart phone to help you locate the lost items, but so handy for that forgetful relative!)

7. House Cleaning Robot (who doesn't want a Roomba? This nifty gadget could save a senior from many injuries by handling those minor cleanup jobs.)

8.  Smart Pill Box (No more fumbling with flimsy plastic boxes. New pillboxes have alarms, timers, automated dispensers and the ability to connect to a dispatcher who will alert YOU if the dispenser isn't used properly.

9. Digital Weather Station (Your loved one doesn't have to wait for the news to hear the latest updates and predictions. Plus, built in storm alerts can notify them of potentially hazardous weather, allowing for more time to prepare.)

10. Solar Charger (For the outdoorsy person, a gadget that uses the sun to charge phones and other USB devices. )

These are just a few of the amazing gadgets on the market that can make life fun and safe for the elderly.  With everything from Dremel's 3D Dream builder (yes, it is a machine that builds your ideas for you) to funky accessories like phone cases and novelty earbuds--there are plenty choices.

Don't limit your elderly loved one to the same old gifts--try bringing a little technology into the Christmas, and a smile to their faces!