Long-Term Care Visits Do's and Dont's For Holidays

Planning to visit an elderly loved one in a long-term care facility this holiday? Make the day more pleasant by following some basic do's and don'ts, to guarantee everyone has a pleasant time:


What You Should Do: 

Do Schedule Your Visit

Find out when meals, showers, and other activities are happening, and avoid arriving during those times. Throwing off the routine can be stressful to your loved one and to staff employees. 

If you plan on on taking your loved one out for the day, make sure the staff is aware beforehand so they can have them dressed and ready. 

Do Be Respectful of Other Residents

Remember, the facility is their home. Keep conversations at a normal volume, remind children not  explore other rooms, be polite to all residents (not just your loved one), and use family friendly language when speaking in public areas. 

Bring The Holiday With You

Its perfectly okay to bring a small tree, some decorations, and gifts!

Say Thank You to The Staff

Remember, they are giving up their holiday to take care of other people. Smile, say thank you, and help make their holiday a little easier by following some of these DON'TS: 

What You Should Not Do: 

Don't Make a Mess

There are plenty of trashcans. Don't leave litter all over a room. If you need an extra garbage bag for food containers or gift wrap, just ask! 

Visiting a nursing home is just like visiting a person's home. Be respectful of possessions and put things back in place when you leave so your loved one can find them easily. 

Don't Create a Safety Hazard

Don't block hallways or access to supply closets, rooms, toilets, etc. Don't let children run through the halls, they could accidentally bump into someone and cause a fall. 

If you bring electronics, make sure they are plugged in where the cords are out of the way, and not where they impede the aides and nurses. 

Don't Complain

It is the holidays. Unless you have a really legitimate reason to complain, save it for later. 

Don't stress your loved one with complaints about your daily life. Don't stress employees with complaints about minor issues in the facility such as noise or the way dinner smells. 

Don't Endanger The Elderly

Do NOT bring gifts to the nursing home that can be dangerous. Do not give gifts to other residents that could harm them. Ask before you give gifts to make sure you aren't causing more harm than good. 

Visiting For the Holidays Should Be Fun

Keep the holiday fun for yourself, your loved one, the long-term care staff, and other nursing home residents.

Its okay to laugh, to sing, and to bring as much holiday cheer as possible. Just be safe, practical, and courteous while doing so. 

(Remember, these basic rules should be followed any day of the year. )