Top Ten Elder Care Posts for 2015

Elder Care Issues is looking forward to another year of bringing helpful and entertaining posts to caregivers and seniors citizens! But first, lets look at our year in review.

Today I am rounding up 10 of the most popular posts from 2015 so you can see them in one place. If you missed one when it was published, check it out now!

Note: These do not include holiday posts, which were of course very popular for a short time. The following ten elderly caregiving posts on this list are not just the most-viewed on here, but the ones most shared on other sites, too, and hopefully, they will continue to be helpful to caregivers for another year!

1. 4 Things You Should Tell Someone With Dementia 

A person with dementia may not be able to understand everything you say, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't say what they need to hear the most.

2. The Winter Blues: Protect the Elderly From Seasonal Depression

Depression during the winter months can take a huge toll on the health and well being of your elderly loved one. Inside are some tips for relieving gloom and helping the elderly thrive during the cold season.

3. Nursing Homes are Ugly! Tips for Personalizing Your Loved Ones Living Space

Who wants to live in an ugly bedroom for the rest of their life. The nursing home is your loved one's home, use these tips to dress it up, maximize space, and make it personal.

4. C. Diff Infections in Nursing Homes (Who is to Blame?)

C. diff is a devastating epidemic when it spreads to the elderly. Who is to blame when the infection is out of hand, and what can everyone do to keep down the number of fatalities?

5. The Do's and Don'ts of Dementia (guest post) 

Dealing with dementia is tricky and sometimes heartbreaking. Here, our guest author provides a concise guide for communication.

6. 15 Serious Caregiving Mistakes You Are Probably Making

You do your absolute best as a caregiver! But sometimes the little details can slip by you. Check out this list and see if there is anything you need to change to improve the life of your aging loved one and yourself.

7. Helping the Elderly Live on a Budget

Difficulty managing finances can be a normal part of aging. But it can still be embarrassing, stressful, and expensive. Help your loved one by using these tips for creating an easy-to-follow budget plan and avoiding hidden expenses.

8. Before You Become a Caregiver, 18 Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you TRULY read to take on this responsibility? These questions may you give you a different perspective on your ability to care for an aging loved one.

9. Is Keeping Our Elders the Best Decision? (guest post)

When is it better to keep an elder at home, and when is it better to consider a professional facility? Our guest author gives some issues to consider before making the big decision.

10. 5 Ways to Give Charitably to the Elderly (Without Making It Feel Like Charity)

Many elders are impoverished, and its natural to want to help them. But how to do so with offending their pride or seeming pushy?

Read and Enjoy, and follow Elder Care Issues for another year!