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Elder Care Issues is Now Accepting Guest Posts!

I'm very happy to announce that this blog is open for guest posts! I am very interested in hearing your caregiving stories, tips, opinions and even rants. 

Who Can Submit Guest Posts? 

Anyone with experience in elderly caregiving! 

  • Professional caregivers
  • Home companions
  • Family caregivers
  • Friends who are caregivers
  • Long-distance caregivers
  • People who are an extended part of a caregiving network (such as children who grew up in a home where a parent was caring for a grandparent)
  • Advocates
  • Anyone who works on a daily basis helping the elderly OR their caregivers
  • Anyone with a memorable, inspiring, or motivational story about an aging parent, friend, grandparent, spouse, etc. 

But first, a Few Rules:

1. All posts must be unique. No plagiarizing or submitting work that is  published elsewhere. You can quote short blurbs of text from other articles with proper credit, but everything else needs to be fresh. 

2. 400 word minimum word count. No maximum word count. Sometimes it takes a lot of words to say what's on your mind. 

3. Content should be kept appropriate for all readers. If you are writing about a subject that is somewhat delicate, please keep the terminology light or use proper medical/anatomical terms. 
Also, no slander or hate remarks directed at any person/group of people. 

4. Please don't use real names of people in your stories. 

5. You are free to include a link to your website or blog. 

6. You may send links to two social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter)

7. You can choose to have your name on your post, to use a pen name, or to be completely anonymous. 

8. Posts need to be in proper English. I will spellcheck and edit for format before posting, but please have a beginning, middle and end to your post, not just a ramble. If I can't read and understand the post, then I won't publish it. 

9. Please send all submissions either: 

  • In the body of an email (preferred)
  • As attached Notepad document
  • As attached Wordpad document
Email to     (Type Guest Post into your subject line.)

I am very sorry that I am NOT able to pay for guest posts at this time. I still look forward to reading your thoughts and stories and sharing them with other caregivers around the world. I will email you when your submission is published and if you like, give you a shout out on the ECI Twitter feed when the post is shared. 

Thanks for your time and your remarkable impact on the world of caregiving! 

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