5 Things That Can Cause Poor Appetite In Seniors

Plate and fork with orange peppers.

Having less appetite as a person ages can be normal. Food may not be as appealing, and the body needs fewer calories.

Decreased appetite can be abnormal though if it begins suddenly, if it leads to rapid weight loss, if it causes or if it causes other health problems. A sudden and unusual change in eating habits could be a sign of an underlying issue, such as dental problems or declining cognition (forgetting when the last meal was eaten or not recognizing hunger pains.

An abrupt change in a person's eating habits should be brought to the attention of a doctor. However, there may be a non-health related reason for low appetite too. Here are five reasons why a senior may be eating less:

Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors (Guest Post)

Food Pyramid Senior Citizen Nutrition

In a fitness-conscious world, it is hard to ignore the food and drink that we put into our bodies. A well-balanced diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. Everyone, young and old, should be consider the following healthy eating tips to enjoy a happy and healthy 2016!

Caregiver Burnout-Are You At Risk?

candle burning. Caregiver burnout

If you provide care for an elderly loved one, then you are at risk for caregiver burnout. The act of caregiving for another person full-time can take a huge emotional, mental, and physical toll on providers, and no one is automatically immune. 

If you are wondering if what you are feeling is normal stress or the beginnings of a full-blown burnout, you should learn the signs and take action. 

Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Denture Care, How to Clean Someone Else's Icky Teeth

dentures holding rose

Do you know what they DON'T tell you before you come a care aide or a caregiver? They don't tell you that at some point, you may have to hold someone's teeth in your hands. 

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Its vaguely mentioned in the "personal grooming" section. It doesn't really highlight the joy you feel the first time someone plops a set of dentures in your hand right after they've eaten a bowl of chili. Or, (ick) spinach. 

Luckily, I was no stranger to dentures, and really, they don't bother me.  Some people really do freak out at the thought of touching them, though. 

It WAS strange to have to clean them for the first time, but it is an important part of caregiving that shouldn't be overlooked, and hopefully this guide will help you feel more comfortable about taking on this task.  

Blog Makeover!

I'm not sure if its good practice or not to change a blog's theme too often. What I do know is that the last header I used on here was beginning to give me the heebie-jeebies. It looked too clinical and depressing. 

I also felt like it gave the wrong impression of this blog. It made the site feel as though it were part of a business. Whereas I fully support senior care business and services, that isn't what ECI is. Elder Care Issues is just a helpful (I hope) blog for caregivers, seniors, and care providers to enjoy. 

And I do believe in enjoying caregiving. It has its bad moments, it can be a long, stressful, difficult journey for many...but it comes with more than its fair share of rewards too. It also comes with laughter, which is why I try to sprinkle the content on here with some humor on occasion. 

No matter which stage of caregiving you are in, or what you role you play, I hope the new theme can lighten your mood a bit when you visit. Life is too short, (and so is the caregiving journey) for us to look at impersonal, melancholy websites.

Useful Tools for Caregivers

Caring for the elderly comes with its unique share of problems. Having a supply of useful tools on hand means a safer, easier experience in caregiving. 

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What tools do you need? Just like owning strollers and baby gates helps parents care better for young children, having a few pieces of safety gear can relieve a lot of stress and bring peace of mind to you and your elderly loved one. 

Items that help the elderly maintain mobility and independence during their daily activities can improve their emotional well-being. 

Check out these basic tools that could make your caregiving tasks much easier! 

3 Caregiver Goals for the Year (That Anyone Can Do!)

Don't make resolutions, make micro-goals instead!

Instead of resolutions, which were meant to be broken, why not set yourself a few goals for the coming year? If you are a caregiver, then you probably don't have time for extreme resolutions-but goals can come in all sizes, and they aren't as restrictive. 

What goals will benefit you the most over the next 12 months? Most likely, the ones that can be done at your own pace and will be meaningful far into the future. Lets take a look at what caregivers can plan for themselves: 

Top Ten Elder Care Posts for 2015

Elder Care Issues is looking forward to another year of bringing helpful and entertaining posts to caregivers and seniors citizens! But first, lets look at our year in review.

Today I am rounding up 10 of the most popular posts from 2015 so you can see them in one place. If you missed one when it was published, check it out now!

Note: These do not include holiday posts, which were of course very popular for a short time. The following ten elderly caregiving posts on this list are not just the most-viewed on here, but the ones most shared on other sites, too, and hopefully, they will continue to be helpful to caregivers for another year!

Happy Holidays From Elder Care Issues Blog!

Happy Holidays From Elder Care Issues!

It doesn't seem like it should already be time for Christmas greetings! Where did 2015 go? 

It has been a bittersweet year. My grandmother finally had to be moved to a skilled nursing facility. She needed much more care than was possible at home. However, she is adjusting well, and we look forward to having her home for a visit on Christmas. 

Senior Immune System Boosters (Guest Post)

Now that temperatures are dropping and seasons are changing, colds and the flu are not uncommon. Elderly people are even more susceptible to these illnesses, since their immune systems may not be as strong as they once were. 

There are plenty of simple things seniors can do to help boost their immune systems and prevent catching a cold this season. 

Here are some tips: