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What You Need to Know About Elder Care Issues

Five years ago, my parents became full-time family caregivers to my maternal grandmother. At the age of 92, my grandmother had managed to remain reasonably independent in her small, rural neighborhood, surrounded by family and friends.

Hundreds of miles away, we were unaware that she was growing more frail, that she was forgetting things more often, and that she was endangering her own life by over-medicating and under-eating.
The signs were subtle. Outwardly, she seemed the same as always, albeit a little more tired.

Finally, she could no longer deny that she was unable to fully care for herself, and asked to move in with my parents. Shortly afterwards, she was diagnosed with dementia.

Our caregiving story doesn't begin there though. My mother has been caregiver, both one-on-one and from a distance, to her mother for decades. And I have helping her to take care of my grandmother since I was six years old.

Over the years, I have been not just part of the family caregiving experience, but also a CNA and private companion to the elderly. I've also been a friend and support person to other caregivers. Currently, I am entering a new realm of cargiving, as my husband crosses the line into seniorhood with a variety of health issues.

Over the years, I have learned one thing to be true. No two caregiving experiences are the same. No two caregivers have the exact situation. And sometimes finding support and tips for the non-typical issues is difficult, if not impossible.

Therefore ECI is a place for true stories, real people advice and everyday solutions. My goal is to help both seniors AND caregivers, by sharing insights from my time as both a professional and private caregiver. I also share guest posts and stories from other caregivers, providing a fresh outlook and a new slant on caregiving.

Elder Care Issues started as a a sort of instruction manual and bookmarking site for my mother to reference when she had time. Lately, it has morphed into being a true blog about the trials, triumphs, and humor of caregiving.

This blog is especially focused towards new caregivers, who often have to learn things the hard way, and for all the "Other Caregivers", the people who don't fit in those average statistics. (young caregivers, people providing care for more distant relatives or in-laws, people caring for friends or neighbors, etc.)

What to Read ECI Blog?

Articles on this blog cover many aspects of the caregiving experience. There are tips and suggestions for daily tasks, such as showering a reluctant elder, and overviews of medical situations, such as C. diff infections in nursing homes.

You will also find:

  • Advice for dementia behaviors: (Help with Dementia Fidgeting)

  • Insights into different aging options: (Senior Living: A Look at Your Options)

  • Support for Caregivers: (5 Things Caregivers Should Do Today)

And so much more!

Feel free to read, comment and share your own frustrations and solutions. If you would like to share a blog post about your own caregiving story, please email me at


I cannot currently pay for guest posts at this time, but am happy to provide a link to your caregiving or personal blog. You can use your real name, or choose to be anonymous.

Have a great day!

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